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Isn't it illegal to be an illegal alien?

It's fun to see that my Cap Times editorial board is even more petty than I am when making a partisan attack. Their editorial denouncing Rep. Sensenbrenner is a case in point.

Editorial: Sensenbrenner's crude language
A Cap Times editorial

When I read the Cap Times editorial bit, I hear the Saturday TV Funhouse theme from SNL.

We did not expect U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner to change his anti-immigrant position simply because tens of thousands of Wisconsinites rallied in Milwaukee this week to call for humane and responsible reforms to current immigration policies. But the Menomonee Falls Republican's cavalier dismissal of the massive demonstration as an "illegal alien rally" was as irresponsible as it was inaccurate.

First I will grant that it was a significant number of people, but if it wasn't an illegal alien rally what was it? A rally in support of illegal aliens? I see a difference with no significance. If you enjoy my whacking of the folks who employ me and host my blog here it be.