Who Is The Idealist Here?
Godspeed Desmond Doss

God and his evil mouthpiece at Yale

Although I can sympathize with the difficulties of being the official liar for a nation, it is still tough to stomach  Yale admitting the former spokesman for the Taliban. Yes that's correct the Taliban, those charming barbarians who shot victims of rape in soccer stadiums, who pulled the fingernails out of women who dared paint them, who dynamited 3,000 year old statues of an actually peaceful god, Buddha, their mouthpiece is now a student there.

In the interest of feeding that ravenous beast diversity, Yale has deemed the contributions of the man who looked the world dead in the eye and said "Wuddint us" about horrendous atrocities and crimes against humanity, as a necessary addition to the collegiality of it's campus. This is disgusting enough and Yale should be shunned and condemned for it, but wait....it gets better.

In 2002, Yale received a letter from Paula Nirschel, the founder of the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. The purpose of the organization, begun in that year, was to match young women in post-Taliban Afghanistan to U.S. colleges, where they could pursue a degree. Ms. Nirschel asked Yale if it wanted to award a spot in its next entering class to an Afghan woman. Yale declined.

So Yale thought precious little of the diversity these oppressed women could bring, but deemed their very oppressor as worthy of the Yale experience. Well sounds to me like the Yale experience is a pile of hypocritical bulls**t!

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The U.S. Treasury Department has named Hezbollah's al-Manar television a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entity. Al-Manar runs programming designed to recruit terrorists and incite violent attacks. Much of its funding is provided by Iran.

This is what I have been waiting for. We have the technical means to disrupt, pirate, jam or otherwise stop many electronic means of communication used by the terrorists. The NSA surveillance is one aspect of this, but if we did that at home I hope you can imagine we are considerably more aggressive overseas. I would hope we start the old school Voice of America concept back up and counter the vile hate and lies currently poisoning the minds of many. This current action allows al-Manar to be blocked from any satellites, but I would go a step further and designate their broadcast facilities as legitimate targets. Now there's a fun one eh? If you are broadcasting a message of terrorist recruitment, you are an active member of the group the same way a recruiter for the US Army is still a soldier.

I don't want to hear any crap about targeting journalists, we haven't and won't ever do that. But this has nothing to do with journalism, so if that sends a chill down the spine of those close to the line in inciting Islamist violence, or covering it in an unjustifiably positive manner, then pay attention and don't fail to differentiate between good and evil.