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Extratasty.com - My new favorite web site

Extratasty.com is a new web site devoted to drink making.  It's a social site, meaning that you can comment on drink recipes and submit your own.  You can search by tags, title, etc.  As people add recipes and comments on recipes, the site will continue to become a rich resource for party hosts and drinkers alike.

The coolest new tool just released, and one I've used already, is MyBar - a feature that takes the list of ingredients in your bar and narrows the search subset to drinks you can actually make with the materials you have in inventory.  It's just getting started so the list of possibilities will continue to grow as we add recipes.

Since we're less than two weeks from St. Patty's Day, I though I'd throw this site at you in case you were wondering if I was neglecting my liver or something...