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Can we have a moment for greatness? MJ 23

Michael_jordanMichael Jordan is the finest sportsman of my lifetime and dominated his sport in a   way few have dominated anything ever. Mike was the man, redefined the term actually.

I saw him play as many times as I could, and he was transcendent. All the others were in orbit around the gravitational pull of the perfect dome. C'mon the outline of Mike's head is an icon, the Jumpman logo, the tongue, but beyond all the imagery, the winner. What a wonderful example of someone not satisfied even with being the best in the world, he played a team game and if the team didn't win neither did he. Fortunately the only place he really tasted that was swinging a bat, and basketball been very, very good to Mike.

The latest commercial featuring him actually showcases the next generation deploying the moves we all have seared onto the "He did not just do that" file in our brains. You watch and recognize each sequence "Oh yeah, against the Lakers. Oooh and the fade" each one cooler now as they live again. First read about how uncontrived the casting and shooting was, and then watch the clip with the sound well up. I was breathless remembering an artist at the height of his craft, recreated in new clay. Take a break from the wankers and go have a moment with greatness, he really could fly...seriously.

                                   - Uncle J