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Calling All Snipers

The Sniper at SniperEye is trying to gather sniper stories for a book he's putting together.  One of his great stories will be in the Military Blog book that will be out in August - it's coming together very nicely.

Open Call, ATTENTION ALL SNIPERS: Be a part of history; leave your legacy in the first ever Sniper Anthology. If you have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan as a Sniper, or have ever served in a Sniper position while in combat, contact me and submit your stories. Or, if you have a favorite sniper blogger, email me suggestions. As the editor I am looking for stories of combat, leisure time, crazy infills and exfills, being compromised, adjusting back into society after combat, and any type of story from your experience in Sniper School. This book concept has never been done before, so claim your spot in history!