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Four Days Away from St. Patty's Day

Calling All Angels

From Adele at Soldiers' Angels:

Soldiers' Angels needs you to adopt a soldier.....(or airman, Marine, etc)!
Every year after the holidays we have a shortage of angels and an abundance of soldiers. Here is proof of what your help does for our service members:
To All That Have Supported Us,
     My name is SGT A. and I am currently deployed to Kuwait and have been receiving packages and letters from many of your volunteers.  I want to take this time to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  Your support is unparalleled and means so much to us soldiers in our toughest times.  You have been there through it all with us.  You are in our thoughts and prayers as well as our loved ones.  Your group is what keeps us going through rain, cold nights, hot days and everything in between.  You have been a shining light to help guide many a soldier.  Once again I would like to say Thank you for your unwavering support.  Sincerely, SGT A
What angels do:
1) Send two packages a month. These do not have to be expensive. The key to sending support is that they will know someone cares and they get their name called at mail call, or come home to mail on their bunk. If you can send some toiletries and some snacks each month, that's great. Once you sign up, you will get a mentor who can walk you through customs forms and flat rate packages. It's addictive, actually! You'll find you won't be able to go into a store without remembering Dave, who likes Old Spice aftershave, etcetera!
2) Send two letters a week. This seems like a lot but if you sit down to write a quick note to say hi, how are you, and talk a little about things at home, you would be amazed how quickly a letter gets written. Another thing you can do is buy postcards wherever you visit and send one of those each week. Again, it's about getting the names called and letting them know that while they are "over there," those of us "back home" are thinking of them.
If you can do this, please go to and click on "Adopt a Soldier." You will receive a soldier's name and address within a couple of days, as well as an orientation letter.
We hope everyone who reads this can adopt one soldier!!