Wounded Warrior? American Hero and Tough Guy

Bricks for Peace


I believe I have proven my tolerance quite a few times and I really don't care if people protest the war or W or whatever. But when some pampered pissant wants to disrespect the military that keeps us all safe, well I get pissed.

"The Army Recruitment Center is often a target of anti-war protests  due to its location and accessibility to campus.
"It's one of the main institutions of the military that is on our campus," Pryse said.

"It is something that we as students can affect directly. As of now, ROTC's function is to train officers to go and fight in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and possibly future wars," he added."

Failing to grasp that protesting the military because you disagree with W, is like protesting your car because you got drunk and crashed it. That is the intellectual rigor with which this ass clown approaches the situation.

The rest including a real maroon