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"The 24 Star Letter" - WashPo Cartoon Stirs the Joints Chiefs

First, here's the offending cartoon (click on thumbnail for larger version) that resulted in a 24 star letter from the Joint Chiefs:


And here's the actual response from the Joint Chiefs of Staff:


In case you want the original doc that I received (the above was created as an image for the blog), here's the complete 2 page letter (it's an Adobe PDF file):

Download JointChiefsRespond.pdf

The response is appropriate and has every Chief's signature on it.

Update:  Here's the email that went out from a Marine Brigadier General which contains the reply from the Washington Post - apparently, they are "processing" it:

Subject: FW: "24 STAR" Letter -- AS DELIVERED
From:   Krusa-Dossin BGen MaryAnn
Subject:          "24 STAR" Letter -- AS DELIVERED


Attached are:
1) a scanned version of the signed letter -- which has been
delivered to Washington Post
2) a copy of the editorial cartoon

With regard to the Washington Post's response:   They are
processing the letter, and anticipate it will be in Thursday's edition.
That is not a guarantee, but a strong likelihood.

Mary Ann

Thanks to Seamus, Geby, Barb, Pete and Brian for sending the information.