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U of Illinois Editor Suspended Over Cartoons

This morning, I heard this story on the radio about the editor of the student newspaper at the University of Illinois, Acton Gorton (a former Soldier), being suspended for publishing the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammed in various forms. 

The Chicago Tribune has an article about it today:

...Gorton, 25, said he believes he made a sound journalistic decision in running six of the cartoons because the public has a right to judge their content. He said he consulted with top staff members and journalism instructors before making the decision to publish them in Thursday's newspaper.
"This is not a publicity stunt, and this wasn't an easy decision," said Gorton, who said he spent three years in the Army as a medic and paratrooper before college. "I was stressed and couldn't sleep at night. But I just felt it was an important issue to address in the newspaper."
Gorton's decision, however, caused an uproar in the local Muslim community and rankled other Illini staff members after the paper was deluged with negative letters and e-mails...

I noticed the graph - "caused an uproar in the local Muslim community...".  For those of you who don't know much about my glorious state and university, the University of Illinois is literally in the middle of a corn field.  Quite frankly, the local Muslim community is probably the Palestinian Club on campus.

Dhimmi Watch has a post about this, too.

Michelle Malkin has an article by the AP and a link to the cached version of the Daily Illini.  Here's part of what Groton wrote:

...These cartoons are bigoted and insensitive to the Islamic faith because they are depictions of the prophet Muhammad. In much of the Muslim faith, there is an absolute ban on drawing or portraying religious figures. I agree they are bigoted and insensitive, as do many others.

However, this serious controversy has not been addressed by the press. By refusing to run the cartoons, Americans have no idea how "offensive" they are. The ensuing death threats, riots, murders and laying siege to embassies, leave most of us confused and appalled...

Certainly appalled by the manipulation of muslims by foreign governments and "religious" leaders.  There is also a great double standard here.

You can contact the Daily Illini here.  While the Daily Illini has no official ties to the university, it's board is made up of faculty and students.  Therefore, contacting the Chancellor will probably have little impact.

I've gotten many emails about the whole Cartoon Jihad/war...

Sam sends this note:  "In the past, these anti-semitic and anti-West cartoons in the Arab world were not met with much response:  Tom Gross, Mark Levin's blog, HonestReporting, etc."

Jenny sends this one:  "And, of course, Cox & Forkum have it right..."