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Univeristy Invites Cindy Sheehan to speak

St. Xavier University here in Chicago invited Cindy Sheehan to speak.  She was met with protests.  Here's the article about it from the Chicago Sun-Times:

'Peace Mom' greeted by protests at St. Xavier

February 17, 2006
BY MARK J. KONKOL Staff Reporter


You'd think that a woman with such an Irish-sounding name would have gotten a better reception down in Mount Greenwood.

But Cindy "Peace Mom" Sheehan, known for protesting the Iraq war, was greeted at St. Xavier University on the Southwest Side with, well, protests.

Sheehan was hired by the university's student activities board to give a speech titled "One person can make a difference, not one more," aimed at getting people involved in the peace movement.
Bill Naughton, a truck mechanic from Hillside, said he showed up so Sheehan didn't get all the spotlight.

"She gets to say what she wants. We get a say," he said. "She says 'Bring them back. We're fighting for oil.' I don't believe we're fighting for oil. I support what our guys enlisted to do, volunteered to do."

Sheehan suggested she was going to stay away from politics on this night, telling an audience of more than 300 -- including protesters who stood on the bleachers with their backs to her -- the story of why she became involved in the anti-war effort and how one person can make a difference.
The speech became an anti-war rally, with members of the crowd cheering as she ticked off reasons why troops should come home and the war should end.

She went on to say: "If you care about the troops, do more than carry a sign or put up a bumper sticker . . . if you support this war and President Bush, march to your recruiter's office and sign up."...

Evidently, she is ignoring the fact that her son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, believed in what he was doing...enough to die attempting to rescue his fellow soldiers.

I feel sorrow for every lost life in this fight and their grieving families, and Cindy Sheehan certainly deserves our sympathy.

It is unfortunate that she denies what her son stood for, instead, using him for her own agenda as the "Peace Mom."  She certainly didn't stray from politics last night.