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One Month Away From St. Patrick's Day

Uncle J promoted to the Newspaper

Good things going on in my world folks. My home blog runs on the website of our two papers here in Madison. I have been playing around with John Nichols who edits the progressive paper and also writes for The Nation, and he agreed that they could use at least one voice who doesn't want to impeach Bush. So today I have a piece on the Op-Ed page of The Capital Times here under my own name. Plus I also can announce that I joined Capital Newspapers Online team, which includes both papers and I even got a snow day today, so I am enjoying this from home. Anyhow here are the links so you can read the piece and also find out who I am. If you live in Wisconsin or have ties to the area or kinfolk from around here, letters to the editor give me a better shot at making this a regular thing.

Dave Zweifel

Editor, The Capital Times

1901 Fish Hatchery Rd.

Madison, WI 53713

or [email protected]

Any tie to Wisconsin is important as this is a local paper. I need to get back to running around my house giggling so here are the links:

We must resist Islamist demand for submission

Uncle J promoted to the newspaper? Maybe

Woo Hoo!