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The Power of BlackFive Readers

I almost feel guilty bragging about how you folks helped me crush the newspaper guy who was leading me hitwise for January. I mean in comparison with the Soldier's Angels drives and all the other really quality ways you have helped people it is kinda' insignificant.

But I'm too much of a shameless self-promoter for that. I got more than 1400 referrals from Blackfive alone yesterday, most of whom read more than one thing at my humble blog and consequently I crushed said newsman and all the rest. In the end I beat him by almost 4,000 hits Mwah Ha Ha, Uncle J is the king of Madison's online media (Ann Althouse excluded).

I greatly appreciate the assistance and I will use this dominant position to demand concessions from the old media dinosaurs. They must recognize and prostrate themselves before the behemoth who bestrides the internets like a colossus. Good gravy I gotta drink a little less coffee. Anyhow, thanks to all who played and now back to the important business of smacking maroons around.

                                              - Uncle J