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Student Senate At U of Washinton Rejects War Hero - Part II

The military community at the University of Washington responds to the denial of a memorial for Pappy Boyington...

An Open Letter to the University of Washington Student Senate From The UW Military Community.

Student Senate,

       Of the many student organizations on campus, the military community often holds a negative image.  The various Reserve Officer Training Corp programs are frequently criticized by some as producing trained killers.  Yet these programs are designed with considerable effort to produce leaders of integrity, courage and dedication.  The individuals thats come out of ROTC are some of the brightest  leaders our nation is capable of producing.  They are exactly the sort of people the UW should strive to produce.
        The military community does not desire parades, monuments or banners.  We do our jobs not for thanks nor praise.  We do our duty because we believe we serve a purpose greater than ourselves.  However, we resent the fact that some members of the student government would liken us to criminals or murderers.  It is true that the profession of arms is a violent one. But as a professional military, our services put an unbelievable amount of effort to accomplish the mission with as little damage and loss of life as possible.  The world is still a violent place and the only thing that keeps violence off of our doorstep, is that other men and women stand ready to absorb that violence.
        Soldiers are not responsible for making policy.  We are assigned missions by the duly appointed civilian leadership, one not unlike the concept of the student senate.  Like the American public we each have our own political opinions and beliefs.  The ideas and politics of each person in uniform is as diverse as can be found anywhere on campus.  Yet we all share one commonly parroted ideal; that freedom of thought and liberty are divine rights to be enjoyed by all humankind.
       To this day there are millions of people who live under the weight of oppression.  Few people around the world enjoy the same security, luxury and freedoms that are so openly taken for granted in our nation.  Gregory Boyington and men like him literally bled to protect liberty from a growing oppressive empire.  Many before him, many of his peers, and many future graduates from his Alma Mater have, and will continue to pay the price of liberty with their own blood.
       So easy is it to condemn and criticize others.  And so easy is it to give way to ignorance and preconceived notions.  We are all guilty of it, all of us.  While it is not uncommon, it is also not fair that some confuse the necessity of violence with murder or fascism.  No American warrior fights for his appointed Commander in Chief.  No American warrior fights for oil.  Americans take up arms not to force their choices on others, but to give and protect the liberty of choice.
       Despite all the criticism and the apparent negative feelings of all involved parties, we are PROUD to be members of the University community.  The UW may not always support the military community, but we strongly support the University of Washington.  The UW is and will continue to be a main center of academic achievement, as well as a diverse community of politics and ideas.  We firmly support the University of Washington because great minds do not think alike.  Great minds think for themselves.

        With Genuine Respect,
                The Military Community of the University of Washington

Michelle Malkin has a nice way to remember Boyington, a scholarship fund for Marine veterans and their children is being set up:

The LtCol Gregory "Pappy" Boyington Memorial Scholarship Fund