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SGT Steve Markhill - Someone You Should Know

...over at A Soldier's Perspective, CJ visited SGT Markhill and now you can get to know him, too.

...The last thing Steve remembers was someone shouting “STOP THAT TRUCK” and his gunner began traversing the .50 Cal machine towards the terrorists. Instantly the truck exploded about 25 feet away from him. The explosion was so strong it blew a hole in the bridge they were on. The blast threw him back. As he was being thrown, he was able to grab the rear bumper of his HMMWV. He felt pain in his stomach and legs. Steve kept himself calm by insisting the wind was knocked out of him. He tried to pull himself up by his arm but wasn’t able to. He again reminded himself that he’s fine and just needs to calm down. Again, he attempted to pull himself up to his feet. His efforts were in vain.

It was at that moment that he looked down at his injuries. He pulled his ballistic vest away from his body and instantly blood was gushing from his stomach wounds. Shrapnel had torn through his stomach and right leg, tearing body parts and internal organs. One of his buddies came around the truck and dragged him to safety...

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