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RIP "Col." Robert L. Scott

Brigadier General Robert L. Scott, who wrote the famous book God Is My Co-Pilot has passed away. General Scott was one of several local aviation legends, and was an influence on a number of future pilots, including myself. His determination to fly, and to fight, and the unique way in which he reached his dream, were an inspiration indeed. One of the first plane models I ever built was a P-40.

One of the best things that came from taking an unexpected year to stay with my Dad (other than time with Dad) was that I finally got to meet the man behind the legend. He worked at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, and cheerfully met with all the visitors he could. He wasn't what I would call shy about himself and what he had done (which was more than most know), but he preferred to talk of others, in particular his hero: Lt. General Claire L. Chennault. I had hoped he would be there the day Tammi and I went, but alas that was not to be. A fond memory of mine was to receive an invitation to his 90th birthday party at the museum, and it was quite the party.

He was positively gleeful in telling of his breaking away from most official Communist Chinese handlers years back, and not only walking most of the route of the Great Wall, but in returning to AVG country and putting in place a plaque honoring General Chennault at a special spot.

His was a story of perseverance, of striving to do well, and doing what he felt most strongly was right. Thank you "Colonel" for the inspiration, for being yourself for so many, and for keeping the history alive.

Rest in the light, and know that you will be missed.