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Newsflash - HA HA, Jonah Goldberg is funny

When I found out that CFACT was bringing Jonah Goldberg to the Mad City, all myGoldberg_uncle_j  scheming systems kicked into overdrive. This was just too good an opportunity to miss and he certainly brought the funk. Ostensibly here to discuss Katrina and environmental extremism, he did so while also riffing and ripping on media bias.

As the crowd of a couple of hundred filtered in I wondered about the overall composition as the garb and accoutrements appeared to suggest a progressive lean. Either I was wrong or progressives find him hilarious too, because the room rocked regularly with laughter as sacred cows were defiled and yoke after yoke of liberal oxen was gored, as was Gore. Wow that hurt to write, I advise you to not read it. I was explaining to Jonah that there actually is room to land our exfil choppers outside.

Jonah G in the Mad City

We have an hour and a half of hilarious video that we are cutting up now, I will advise when it is posted.