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New First Aid Kit

Photo by Specialist Spencer Case of the 207th MPAD (February 9, 2006).  Click on the thumbnail for larger version.

Wow, they packed a lot of stuff in the new First Aid Kit.  Apparently, this is the first major redesign of the first aid kit since the Korean War.    I believe that it's been issued to troops since early 2005.

Some of the items have been sorely needed for decades and some are timely.  For instance, the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) has a windlass to apply torque to stop the bleeding thereby removing the insane need to find a stick to tighten the dressing - i.e. try finding a stick in the desert.

The Nasal Airway device helps soldiers with facial wounds breathe.  When a soldier is unconscious, his tongue tends to block the airway.  This device will work on conscious or unconscious soldiers.

Also, the new Trauma Dressing has elastic edges in order to get a better seal over wounds and creates more pressure - a good seal is especially important for chest wounds.