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Instapundit love, every online loudmouth's elixir. For clarification self-pimpage, the brilliant Op-Ed piece I link to is Uncle Jimbo, humble blogger, for the first time in the paper as my-own-self, Jim Hanson.

Every time Islamic violence erupts another ten places, we are told that these extremists represent a small fraction of Muslims and It really is a religion of peace. The problem is I don't hear any moderate Muslims. The best the press can find is apologists or appeasers. I don't hear any major Muslim leaders using their religious bully pulpit to call for calm, or tolerance or even human decency. If there are any moderate Muslims, they are scared of the jihadis just like the rest of the West. They all fear inflaming the irrational, religion-fueled, hate machine that carries the Islamist flag into battle.

I don't fear the person who has told me they wish to kill me; once that taboo is breached things become quite simple. I kill him first, no quibbling, no moral quandary. Matter of fact, I have an obligation to kill the man who has sworn to kill me. I have children and am obliged to provide for them,  and ignoring or appeasing someone dedicated to killing me, and by extension them is abdicating that resonsibility. In this case our government is my surrogate and I absolutely expect them to be actively engaged in anything likely to speed these savages along to their 72 goats.

It would be nice to get a little help though. I would love to read about a Muslim leader in any of these countries who climbed up the mosque tower and hollered "Chill out people! What is the matter with you? These are cartoons FFS, how can you expect to be treated as civilized when you can't coexist with cartoons? Jesus!" well probably not the Jesus.

The media has shown that they are not only partisan, but actively opposing the policies of our elected government. Perfect clarity shows in a refusal to print cartoons out of purported concern for Muslim sensibilities, then a shameless scramble to publish anything that again allows Abu Ghraib to tarnish the administration. All concern for Muslim sensibilities goes right out the window when a chance to hurt the administration is in play. What total disgraceful Bullshit!

Pictures from several years ago are vitally newsworthy while recent pictures from the US run hospital that now operates in Abu Ghraib are ignored. I am incapable of reconciling those actions with even the remote possibility that the actors are not my enemies. Those actions directly impact our ability to operate, and the perceptions of Muslims everywhere. The bad guys could not hire a better propaganda machine than the "free" western press. It's inability to look past W and Cheney and Rumsfeld and the neocons focuses all it's energy on exposing the evil they have wrought on the world. It also distorts the prism they use to determine what is newsworthy, as the newshounds chase every wild goose that screams abuse, but can't even find a spare minute for the many successes.

I have said many times I support Howard Dean and the mainstreaming of the nuttah wing since it is harmful to Democrat chances to win any races. The more regular Americans hear the deranged rantings of these folks, the less inclined they are to put them in charge of anything important. The press has done the same service by being so freakin' blatant. They hate W and the crew and they are not letting anything slow them down from teeing him up for impeachment. The comedy they provided while pumping sunshine up each other's asses over a hunting accident, certainly lost them any credibility they had left. 

Just for the record, Dana Milbank is on the list of folks I would casually turn toward from an adjacent urinal and unashamedly christen on the leg. After wearing a sad imitation of hunting gear on TV, this paragon of fairness whined:

"On CNN's RELIABLE SOURCES, WASHINGTON POST reporter Dana Milbank fretted that the White House is exploiting the public's growing disdain for the mainstream media. "Of course they succeed,” Milbank said of Bush aides. “The press always looks awful. They will once again make us look awful.”

Wuddint us you jackass, look in the mirror and quit smiling back at your smug melon. You put on the makeup, you loaded up with all your friends in the little car, and that is a squirting flower, not a microphone.

Sniveling CBS brat Bill Plante pipes up:

"The vice president and the White House have both used the constant press coverage of this story as a wedge,” he told RELIABLE SOURCES host Howard Kurtz. “It plays to the prejudices of the people who are predisposed not to like us, and it's one way to distract attention from what happened.”

People are not born predisposed to despise, distrust and be disgusted by the media. It normally takes until 7 or 8 years old to start smelling rat dung in the messages they send and full-fledged skepticism ought to accompany exposure of the Easter Bunny as a corporate shill. A group composed of 90% politically like-minded crusaders, all standing on the most efficient soap boxes ever constructed represents a potent adversary for America's message. I believe now that many would be happier with a defeat that would Vietnam any chance for military action for 30+ years, rather than a victory that would vindicate our freeing 50+ million from oppression.

I see a war between religious barbarism and free liberal society, the media sees themselves as the necessary restraint on an imperialist America, and moderate Muslims, well they are currently hanging with the tooth fairy.

                                   - Uncle J