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"The 24 Star Letter" - WashPo Cartoon Stirs the Joints Chiefs

Jonah Goldberg from National Review in Madison tonight

I rubbed Matt's nose in this via email and I thought I would share with the class. Courtesy of Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) Jonah G, the smart-assest writer at National Review, will be speaking at The University Of Wisconsin in the Mad City this evening and we have arranged a fiesta and cooked for him a delicious bass. Anyone near enough ought to go, Grainger Hall 7 pm, with the soiree afterwards at The Memorial Union.

Mr. Goldberg is renowned not just for his immense literary talent and his wit, but also for his prodigious capacity as a consumer of tasty beverages. We will have definitive proof of this and many other topics that should have gone unexplored as we are filming his talk and to some extent the festivities and will post video at Uncle Jimbo Land tomorrow.

Oh and I will certainly echo Matt's sentiment below about the excessive attention given to the ABC folks who took a hit. I remain firm in my belief that despite the support the troops rhetoric spouted by media types, they feel separate and more equal piggish as they consider the poor troops. But when a solon of all the proper elite media credentials is hurt covering the fray the concern becomes more than a story point to hammer W about. Pisses me off too.

From a Corner post today by Mr. Goldberg about Dem clown Pete Stark, who called the Capitol Police "Gestapo" (a la Chuck Norris facts):

He goes to orphanages and tells the kids they're too stupid to get adopted.

Pete Stark is the guy who made up the phrase "nice guys finish last." He said it to his mother the day he evicted her.

Pete Stark puts peanuts in brownies and sells them to kids with allergies as "peanut-free."

At a meeting with PETA in his office, Stark quietly ate kittens while listening to their complaints.

Every year Pete Stark goes to the local Boys and Girls Club dressed as Santa. When the kids sit on his lap he tells them, "You sucked this year. You owe me a present. How much cash do you have on you?"

Pete Stark constantly posts to the Democratic Underground website and calls the other posters George W. Bush ass-kissers.

When Pete Stark saw Birth of a Nation he laughed throughout the whole thing while smoking a cigar like Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear.

Every bowl of vichyssois ever served contains trace amounts of Pete Stark's urine.

                                    - Uncle J