Godspeed, Mrs. Puller
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Godspeed Corporal Brett Lundstrum - Earning the Flag and the Eagle Feather

The Rocky Mountain News has an incredible pictorial of the services for the burial of Brett Lundstrom - a Marine Corporal and Native American, an American Fighting Man and a Lakota Warrior.  Lundstrom was killed by small arms fire on January 7th in Fallujah, Iraq.

The whole story is here and is worth your time.  Please read it.  As usual, the Rocky Mountain News provides an excellent look into the warrior, the family, and the community.  Corporal Lundstrom's brother, Eddy, is a PFC in Tikrit.  He could have chosen to remain stateside as the last remaining sibling, but, instead, wants to go back to Iraq.

Godspeed, Corporal Lundstrum.

Godspeed, Lone Eagle.

[Thanks to Craig S. for sending the link to the RMN.]