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Cindy Sheehan wants our wounded to die

HouseholdSix has a post about Cindy Sheehan bringing her protest to Germany outside of Landstuhl Army Medical Center.  Landstuhl is usually the first stop for our wounded coming back from the war on their way to Walter Reed or Bethesda or Brooke (San Antonio).

Sheehan is trying to get Germans to not support the war by demonstrating where our wounded can see her.  The goal is to get Germany to deny the use of American bases in support of the war...por ejemplo, she wants Germany to deny our use of a hospital to care for our wounded coming back from Iraq

Evidently, Sheehan wants our troops to die instead of receiving care to stabilize enough to survive the flight back to the States.  Once this horrific intent gets enough attention from us, watch her deny it or claim that she's being used by other groups, but that's the purpose of the protest.

Greyhawk has a good post about her and I agree that she'll hear some language best left off of this PG-13 blog.

Soldiers' Angels Germany is posting about it.  So is Iraq War Today which posts the timetable for the protest.

Honor Casey Sheehan for what he willingly gave his life to do - save his fellow Soldiers - something that his mother has lost site of and is working against.