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Buzz Patterson Interview

FrontPage Magazine has an interview with LTC (ret.) Buzz Patterson.  Here's one of the opening questions:

FP: Tell us some of your thoughts about our military and the Left’s attitude toward it -- as well as objectives with it. For instance, does the Left understand what it takes and what it means to be an American warrior for freedom?

Patterson: Unfortunately for our men and women in uniform the answer is an unqualified “no.” And that’s been true since the early 1960s. Look at the facts Jamie. Since 9/11 we’ve asked our American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to go 7000 miles from home and fight an enemy as evil as any that’s ever existed. A brutal enemy who while violent also chooses to violate every principle of warfare hiding behind women and children and targeting women and children. Our military swiftly and effectively removed two of history’s more totalitarian regimes in the Taliban and Saddam. And how does the Left respond?


They send Congressman John Murtha to the mat several times to demand withdrawal and denigrate our forces. The DNC Chairman declares the war unwinnable. College campuses across the nation refuse access to military recruiters and ROTC detachments as they have for the last 35 years...

Be sure to read the rest of it.