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I mentioned Brad Kasal's name during my brief appearance on CNN - he is someone that you should know (and do if you're a regular milblog reader).  Senior Lechero sends the link to this DesMoines Register article about First Sergeant Kasal returning home...

One brave Marine
State lawmakers approve resolutions honoring Iowa native severely hurt rescuing fellow troops in Iraq


Brad Kasal, an Iowa native regarded as a hero for rescuing fellow Marines in Iraq, was choked with emotion Monday as he was honored by the Iowa Legislature.

"A lot of people ask why I did what I did. I'm a Marine. That's what I'm expected to do," Kasal told lawmakers.
Kasal has spent the past months recuperating from his injuries, including bullet wounds that nearly required the amputation of his leg. He walked with a cane Monday afternoon at the Statehouse, and he admitted to still being in pain...

Be sure to read the whole piece.  What did Brad Kasal do?

He knew that wounded Marines were in a house filled with terrorists and he led a rescue effort to get them out.  He faced off with a terrorist at point blank range (the terrorist lost).  He was shot several times, and, when a grenade was going to explode, he covered a Marine with his body, receiving 40 wounds from shrapnel.

Here's more on what happened, along with the famous Lucian Reed photo (shown at the top as an official poster) of two Marines carrying Brad Kasal out of the house formerly owned by terrorists, now owned by United States Marines.

In my coorespondence with Brad, I've found him to be a very humble guy.  That's why I think he'd rather be known for being faithful than brave...but, quite often, they are the very same thing.

See Subsunk's post below for more information about Brad Kasal...