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Bill Rogio Interviews Marine Regiment Commander

Bill Roggio at the Fourth Rail interviews Marine Colonel Stephen Davis - the Commander of Regimental Combat Team Two (2nd Marine Division) with Area of Operations in Western Iraq.  This is the team that Bill embedded with last Fall.

Here's just one exchange between Bill and Col. Davis:

Are foreign fighters making an effort to make Rutbah the main point of entry into Iraq? Are they crossing at the Syrian or Jordanian border, or both?

Colonel Davis: One doesn't get the nod over the other. Any point of entry will get traffic and they will try to cross where they think they can. You have to be vigilant at the borders, at all times. The Jordanians run a great border operation, we don't see corruption or other problems. They run an impressive operation. [Note from Bill: notice the Syrian border operation is omitted.]

Go here to read the whole interview.