Blackfive Circa 2006
Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell - Someone You Should Know

You know you're at a good party when...

They have one of these lights.Disco_lite_nye

A live DJ, two wet bars, a quality billiards parlor, and an under-renovation indoor pool. This fest was thrown by a friend of my wife's brother. Built in the 70's for the owner of a local business , I call it the Playboy Mansion annex, and it was in full effect last night. We spent a portion of the night scheming as to how we could turn it into a private club and party like this every night. Somehow that plan seems less brilliant this morning. It sits in a town of 1200 about 15 miles from Madison, WI where my wife grew up, and it was old folks at home at the party.

This is the Vauntess, my wife on the left catching up on the 411 with some of the local talent.Nye_v_and_chickee

I have very high hopes for '06 and my dual goals of global domination and world peace seem to be on track for the country and personally. I started a new job last Tuesday, about which more soon, and I actually look forward to getting up and shaving my face which is a change. Good luck to all this year, and no matter what, don't let the bastards get you down. FFS we are still Americans people, let's act like it.