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Will Democrat Senators Use the Wounded Troops as political Cover?

You usually don't come here for commentary on the Supreme Court (right?).  While this post is related to Justice Alito's confirmation, that's not what this post is about.

Here's a case where Demorcatic Senators may use a visit to wounded troops at Walter Reed as political cover.  At first, I didn't pay attention to this event as I didn't think it would gain much traction (afterall, what kind of person would use troops like that?...especially, a US Senator?).  But it may yet happen...we'll see this afternoon who abstains from voting on Alito's confirmation and just happens to be at Walter Reed...

A few days ago, I received this from a reader - from

...Original Post:

We need to stop George Bush from getting 60 Senators to end the filibuster on Monday at 4:30 p.m.

That means we must convince 41 Senators to either support a filibuster or stay away from the Senate on Monday, preferably by visiting maimed soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.

Below is a list of 44 Democrats, 1 Independent, and 3 Republicans whose support is possible - the "Alito 48."...

Kathryn Jean Lopez at the Corner shares this today.

SECOND, call the "URGE ABSTENTION" Senators identified immediately below and do the same -- say that you hope they vote NO on cloture this afternoon but if they can't, urge them to ABSTAIN from the cloture vote by visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital at 4:30 p.m. Doing so will be just as good as a "no" vote but will give them political cover with their conservative voters back home. Again, call their DC AND District offices. And again, if their staff will commit to a position on cloture and/or abstention, please post a comment here.

Again, until some Senator actually abstains from the vote and visits troops will you know if they are truly using them or not.  We'll see in a few hours.

I sincerely hope that they do make a visit to our wounded soliders...tomorrow.