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Uncle J Punked Galloway before he Punked himself (video)

I assume anyone enjoying farce has seen Gorgeous George Uncle_j_schools_galloway Galloway forcing many of us to avoid the cornucopia of jokes his pussification on Big Brother UK provided. What a maroon.

Well, last September the wanker showed up in my town to speak at the University of Wisconsin and my buddy and I made press credentials and crashed his press conference. I didn't want to get tossed, so I was wary of being too confrontational. Maybe worst of all he said "I'm beginning to believe you might be an honest man". Being called an honest man by George Galloway is like being called a faithful one by Bill Clinton. The last question I asked him was "What if the Sunnis vote yes?" meaning about the Constitution. He laughed and said no chance, I said I disconcur. How nice to be right eh? Anyway my first guerrilla interview went good enough, more to follow as they wander within range.

Transcript and video clips of my interview w/ Galloway

Backstory on the credential forging and infiltration

Never let the jackals run free, they need to be reminded that we are watching.

And if you haven't read Matt's post about some of the truly inspiring folks he met with at Walter Reed and the Soldier's Angels and all kinds of good folks he met. Go read it!

                              - Uncle J