Godspeed Staff Sergeant McMullen

Time for Spiritual Warfare

Prayers and thoughts are needed for Specialist Lopez who is at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

Princess Cat at A Swift Kick And A Band Aid writes of her meeting Lopez:

...I listened on as one young, very recently wounded soldier told us about his treatment options and what his likely decision would be. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place with his choices, but he spoke of his decision so easily. For him, the choice was easy - he was going to do what it took to give his little girl the best life he could give her...

The choice was a difficult one.  Specialist Lopez had a decisioin to make - live in pain and not have any mobility for the rest of his life...

Or have both his legs amputated below the knee.

In order to be able to chase his little girl around in his back yard and live a more "normal" life, Specialist Lopez opted for the amputations.  Unfortunately, sometimes much more courage is needed after combat than during...

Lopez is my homeboy from Chicago.  He's in surgery right now and could use some prayers and postiive thoughts. 

Please leave a comment for him.  I am going to ask Andi or someone deliver them to him this weekend.

Update:  Someone suggested that we flood SPC Lopez's room with things for his daughter.  If you want to send something, email me and use the subject - SPC Lopez.  However, due to people sending hateful messages to our wounded troops, you need to be someone I "know" - a frequent commenter or blogger or emailer.  Otherwise, you need to email me from your work email address.