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The Stand

To say that things are hectic at work right now is an understatement, and the schedule (and deadlines) are tight. Yet, all my plans changed in the blink of an eye this morning when I found out that a certain unmentionable group was going to protest at the funeral of Army Specialist Matthew Franz in Lafayette, Indiana, today. For me, there was no choice or debate, and I knew what I had to do. I re-arranged things, and I drove to Lafayette on my lunch break.

No, I am not going to name the group or any associated with them, for that is how they gain power -- on more than one level I suspect. They are not worthy of mention, thought, curse, or consideration.

The only one's deserving of consideration this day were the soldier being laid to rest and his family. They deserve more than I can give, but what I could provide was my body between them and those things.

As I suspected might be the case, I was not alone. Quite a few turned out to pay respects, and to be a living barrier. If you have read of such things before, then you may have heard of Rolling Thunder. They work to help our veterans, our missing, and to provide support to those who serve now. One of the things they do is stand for those lost, and as a shield for those left behind.

A new chapter of Indiana Rolling Thunder is forming in Lafayette, and today they came together with others of like mind. I am joining them, and if you live in or near Lafayette, or in NW Indiana, I urge you to do so too. You can contact Steve Barrick at bezrus_1 at yahoo dot com to get more information, and I thank him for his permission to post this address, and for his invitation to me to join.

For the unmentionables, it apparently was not a good day. They were very few in number, perhaps at most five, and they came and left early.

For the rest, well, more than a hundred gathered outside, and came to attention as Specialist Franz began his final journey. Lafayette honored one of its own, there and beyond. May the light shine on those left behind, and warm them in the days ahead.