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Army lets convicted torturer skate

RIP Joel Stein's career- Kudos Hugh Hewitt

I really enjoyed the 00 buck alternating with slugs I sent Joel Stein's way earlier today via the internets. It didn't truly satisfy until I had a chance to step back and remember just how insignificant this weed was, and exactly how much precision fire he had absorbed by the mightiest ranteurs online. Fun to be part of a barrel fish shoot like that.

Then Jpod, John Podhoretz of National Review, a formidable verbalizationist his-own-self alerted me to a reminder of why we have adults to rule the unruly, myself forefront. Hugh Hewitt had the little Stein twit on his show and he assassinated the ghost that lived where Stein's character should be. He did so without bombast, or vitriol, or belittlement. He did so like a wise elder showing a smart ass punk just how much of a smart ass punk he actually is. That's not my gig, not yet and maybe never, but it was feet of the master time to watch a man school a boy.

Class is in session, Professor HH puncturing punk ass pomposity

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