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Pretty Girls & Blackhawk Helicopters

OK I'm done bein' controversial, wasn't my goal in the first place, but hey "You bake a pie you eat a pie" right?

Now we slide right along to shameless blog pimping. My home blog is on a site where both of the newspapers here in Madison, WI live online. All their columnists have their pieces online and up until this month I was beating all of them for monthly hits, but one of them is actually 750 hits up on me with only one day left this month. This is not just my gargantuan ego, although I would do it just for that, but I must win, because I will rub their real newspaper noses in it. I won Nov. and Dec. but I need some help to seal the trifecta. Even better is that one of them is Washington Correspondent for The Nation, the most-beloved mag of the very left, John Nichols. He edits the Op-Ed page of our Progressive paper The Capital Times and I must break him.

So I have some stories that haven't seen the bright light of the Blackfive stage and Pretty_girls_and_blackhawksthat ought to have a grin or two somewhere. 

Pretty Girls & Blackhawk Helicopters

See if you can tell which one is the civilian female, who complained the pic made her butt look big because she had sweat pants on under the BDUs.

Invading Czechoslovakia

Do I need to mention that this didn't happen, and certainly not in Czechoslovakia

Turkish Delight

Turkish Prison

18 is too young to be turned loose overseas

Zen of Golf

Afghani Black - Drugs, Guns & Gold

Round one of the actually not true stuff I made up to see what would happen

Any assistance in this is greatly appreciated as my circumstances now place me inside the building where they make the newspapers. What, you ask? You heard me, but I can neither confirm nor deny anything I have just hinted at. However smart money says an infiltration of the MSM is well underway. This could get good.

                              - Uncle J