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Hey Man, Nice Shot

I have already admitted that while trained, I was a crap sniper. Door-kicking was much more my flavor, but this guy is definitely my sniping polar opposite. So I say, Hey man, nice shot!

Gazing through the telescopic sight of his M24 rifle, Staff Sgt Jim Gilliland, leader of Shadow sniper team, fixed his eye on the Iraqi insurgent who had just killed an American soldier.

His quarry stood nonchalantly in the fourth-floor bay window of a hospital in battle-torn Ramadi, still clasping a long-barrelled Kalashnikov. Instinctively allowing for wind speed and bullet drop, Shadow's commander aimed 12 feet high.

12 feet high people, good gravy that is an amazing read. Even more amazing is that because the round goes so high in the air it is almost indirect fire when it impacts. That makes the target area even a smaller cross section and much harder to hit. We thought it was good to hit a dumpster at 1,000 meters, this guy is a shooter.

A single shot hit the Iraqi in the chest and killed him instantly. It had been fired from a range of 1,250 metres, well beyond the capacity of the powerful Leupold sight, accurate to 1,000 metres.

"I believe it is the longest confirmed kill in Iraq with a 7.62mm rifle," said Staff Sgt Gilliland, 28, who hunted squirrels in Double Springs, Alabama from the age of five before progressing to deer - and then people.

"He was visible only from the waist up. It was a one in a million shot. I could probably shoot a whole box of ammunition and never hit him again."

Dude if you need more ammo just let me know what you prefer and I will load as much as you can shoot. He has already notched 55-65 enemy, but I think he should make sure to get at least 72 Johnny Jihads to match their 72 goat reward in paradise. Maybe we just send everyone but the snipers home and let them one up each other to everyone but the ventilated violators betterment.

Once again bravo to anyone who manages to bring the pain to the bad guys at long or any other range.