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"CNN Despicable" - Marines Say

Eleven Days - WashPo Dishonors Blogger

The first time that I spoke to Bill Roggio was during the Eason Jordan controversy.  After a few minutes of polite conversation, we began talking like soldiers.  I had him pegged - a guy you could trust, a guy who would go to bat for soldiers any day of the week, a straight shooter.

The Washington Post recently took a shot at him.  That's ill-advised, but when has the WashPo ever considered my counsel?

I haven't posted about it - should have - but didn't.  I did tell Bill what I thought of Monsignors Finer and Struck.

For some background, this is where I asked you for donations to send Bill to Iraq.  He was invited by the Marines and needed funds for armor, equipment, and travel expenses.

He reported from Iraq with troops engaging terrorists and was slimed by the Washington Post.

Please read the article by the WashPo.  I won't ask you to do that again.

Bill responded and we have yet to see any, ANY, corrections (let alone a response) in the Washington Post.  Please read Bill's piece at NRO.

I have to disagree with Bill on one point he makes:

...I am a mere blogger, a citizen who is interested in the situation in Iraq and has focused on the subject for well over a year...

A mere blogger doesn't get maligned by one of the nation's most respected news organizations.  A mere blogger just doesn't hop on a flight to Iraq.  A mere blogger doesn't embed with Marines actively engaging the enemy.  Hell, journalists don't even do that (see Bill's piece for an interesting revelation about Monsignor Finer).

I've got friends at the WashPo.  Unfortunately, I have no choice but to avoid reading it.  I suggest you do the same.  Instead of depending on the WashPo, be sure to check ThreatsWatch.Org every day to read and understand what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you care to bust some chops, send the WashPo a letter to the editor and email the Ombudsman.  It's eleven days and counting without a response or correction...