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Lay Off Murtha's Service Record

Look, like with John Kerry, I'm more concerned about what the guy did after the war than during the war 40 years ago - especially, when the man is in a position of power and influence.

Supposedly, there are "differing" accounts of heroism about John Murtha when he was in Viet Nam.  There are always differing stories of combat...ask anyone who's been in combat.

John Murtha needs his chops busted, but attacking Murtha's service record is callous and craven in my opinion.

If you are looking for a reason to go after John Murtha for his appeasing and cut-n-run demands, it's not in his forty year old service record.

It's right here.  This is a MUST READ.

That's the issue that needs to be "investigated".  His service record in Viet Nam should be left as what it is.  But his actions now should be decried for what they are...John Murtha is partnering with Code Pink seditionists who are demoralizing our wounded soldiers while they recover at Walter Reed Army Medical Center!  They are actually trying to get into the hospital (and have gotten in) to meet with our wounded soldiers.

This is what Congressman John Murtha needs to answer for - directly from Code Pink's Web Site:


In addition to the flowers, Murtha requested that we use additional donations for the wounded at Walter Reed. DC CODEPINK along with Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, US Labor Against the War and other peace groups involved in the weekly vigil at Walter Reed recently delivered baskets of goodies to the wounded at Walter Reed. Together, with Murtha's office, we will be continuing this outpouring of kindness and support to the wounded soldiers from CODEPINK.

It's makes me sick to put this on Blackfive.  CodePink is NOT an effort to support our troops with kindness.  This is an effort to destroy them while they are at their most vulnerable.   

Words could not (ever) describe how angry I was when I heard about this while I was at Walter Reed on Saturday.  But you need to see it and help Andi by contacting Congressman Murtha's office.

So lay off Murtha's service record.  This is, by far, more damaging to our country and our fight than just about anything else he could do or have done.