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Help Protect the Troops

Soldiers' Angels Armor Project has provided more than 60 Kevlar blankets (Bomb/Ballistic BLANKET Level 111A) for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Armor Project began by trying to help protect our un-armored Humvees with kevlar blankets that are DoD spec.  And, Soldiers being Soldiers, found other uses for the armor blankets as well. 

The kevlar blankets are needed for vehicles that are not armored (inside the wire) and for vehicles that are armored.  For example, I mentioned before that some Bradley Fighting Vehicle commanders wanted them for added turret protection while they sat at check points.  Other uses include using the blankets for added floor protection from blasts.  Here's a newspaper's blog that demonstrates why the blankets are needed (from a year ago).

Soldiers' Angels has requests for forty six (46) more blankets from units in Iraq.  At $935 per blanket, that's $43000 needed.

You can go here, make a tax-deductible donation, and help protect our troops.

Thank you.