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Attention readers, once again this is Laughing Wolf and not Brewbeery, er, Blackfive. If you are looking for his writing, skip this, and be sure to point the hose the right way in response.

There were a lot of wonderful comments in response to yesterday, and I am glad to see Michael has weighed in and corrected one unintentional error. The comments have also stolen a bit of the thunder, as several have correctly deduced the other two authors and the subject of a short post planned for Friday. That said, today I still want to introduce one and all to John Ringo and one particular work.

John has indeed served, and I will let him tell, or not, about that. Especially as he is a master storyteller and one whom I think may can even out do our illustrious host. I would just about pay real money to get the two of them together... John is the first writer I have seen who successfully brings off the-aliens-invade-Earth-to-eat-us (and not in a fun way), and his fiction and fantasy deal with harsh topics of war, rape, violence, sex, love, and more in an adult, profound, and interesting way.

While I recommend all of his works, the one I commend to you today is Ghost. This is a book that from the surface will make the PC crowd scream in rage, provide a nice action/adventure story for many, and provides a feast for those willing to partake.

Surface: story about a former SEAL who breaks up terrorist plots around the world. Lots of action, sexy women, death (it is a Ringo book after all, there is a great battle and everyone dies...), and the testosterone that comes with such. Okay, part of that is not fair, for in the great motherin battle there is usually at least one survivor to tell the tale... Some of the presentations of the terrorists (hint, they are not Scandinavian) will elicit charges of simplistic characterizations, bigotry, and more from the usual suspects.

Below the Surface: Dig a bit. While some things may well be over-the-top, they might not be what you expect. Most of the actions of the terrorists are based on things they have done, and in fact are somewhat mild in comparison to same. Some of the things the hero and the military do may seem unrealistic, but truth is always stranger than fiction.

Even Deeper: It deals with the whole "rough men" and sleeping soundly concept, and reminds us of them and why we need them. It deals with the "plaster saint" concept and why trying to perpetrate it is a bad thing. It deals with some of the dark things that drive people to be protectors, to be those rough men. It also deals with how such people cope, and a bit more. It points out in stark terms both the internal battles we face as well as the essence of the war of civilizations in which we are truly engaged.

Trust Ringo to also bring up safety and doing-things-right, on topics ranging from BDSM to weapons. There are even a few hints on security issues, personal, micro, and macro.

The book reminds us that no, we are not perfect, but that there is a world of difference between our striving for perfection and failing and what the enemy practices on a daily basis where it can.

Highly recommended, as are the rest of his works.

PS: Ghost has been nominated for a romance book award. Go help a vet out...