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Correcting a fact and not the intent

The WashPo placed a minor correction to their misleading story about Bill Roggio.

A Dec. 26 article misstated the accreditation of Web journalist Bill Roggio when he was embedded with U.S. Marines in Iraq. He was accredited by the Weekly Standard. The article said that Roggio was embedded with the Marines at the time of publication, but Roggio had returned to the United States. The article also described Roggio as a retired soldier; he served four years on active duty and two years with the National Guard, which is short of the 20-year minimum for retirement.

Correcting a few factual errors does not change the fact that the article attempted to paint Bill as some kind of DOD lackey, who's reporting was bought and paid for.  The arrogance of the Washington Post getting more and more unbelievable every day they let this horrible hit piece on Roggio stand.

Still waiting for that correction...