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Cindy Sheehan leaves SOTU on Gulfstream to Gitmo

Cindy Sheehan has been cuffed and stuffed in Karl Rove's latest tour de force. Fresh from goading the Democrats into proving they are too far around the bend to actually govern by failibustering, he now has tarred all of the opposition with moonbat dust and the waft of patchouli. I fully support the right of any Congress Critter to bring whichever buffoon they wish as their honored guest to the President's State of the Union speech. It takes a deluded sense of what is helpful to think that inviting, perhaps the biggest nuttah on their team to make a scene at the State of the Union is a plus. Lest I be considered unkind to Mme. Sheehan, I did pen this when she first poked her head out.  Dear Mom, a letter from the son who by now really wishes she would just hush.

The fun has been watching the left wing of the left somehow convince the rest of those left of center that they must join them at the drum circle where they are poking pins in a life-size Cheney doll. Keep MovinOn people because you have already moved well out of any chance of running anything important. I heartily hailed the elevation of Howard Dean to his current role of bankruptor of the DNC and voice of everything other than reason. The Kossacks and their demi-legions of haters have taken control in a bloodless coup and now they are for all intents the Democrats. God I can't wait to watch the next election as every time a Dem candidate fails to toe the PC line the mighty left side of the blogosphere will beat them into Islam, I mean submission.

I really don't care what W said, I know what he is about and I support a good bit of it. More important to me is that the left, and it's inability to see that we are a force for good, remains on the sidelines and not conceding games we are winning.

Nice story on the amazing feats of the Navy SEALS, I mean dolphins there Matt. I get all those Marine, I mean marine critters confused, now which ones spin the balls on their noses, oh yeah the SEALS. (time to get off your ass Froggy you had two days off, just playin' you take a break and we will ensure no clowns go un-beatdown)