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Laughing Wolf here again, with one short and sweet as I am running waaaay behind this morning. Baen Books has already come up in the comments, multiple times, but I want to call out in a post a few things. First, check out the quantity and quality of their authors. Second, check out Baen's Bar -- but be warned that it IS addictive. Third, do a little checking and see what Baen Books (and Jim Baen) have done for the troops over the years. Fourth, check out what the denizens of the bar have done.

Finally, check out the Free Library. Yes, free. You can download many, many fine books that way. You can also order e-books from Baen as well, but you can get a lot for free. As someone noted in the comments earlier, the first hit book or two in a series is free... When you buy many/most/all? Baen Hardcovers, you find a wonderful CD tucked in the back, with more free reads and fun. It is worth noting amidst all the free, the permission to duplicate the CDs and load stuff on your computer that Baen makes a profit. Compare and contrast that to say, the music industry...

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an avid reader of the books, a semi-former partaker at the bar, and Jim Baen has directly or indirectly bought me food and drink over the years (and I thank him and Toni very much once again). I have met one or two of the authors mentioned, and hope to catch up with them again soon. All that doesn't change the fact that the works are good, and well worth checking out.


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