At All Costs

All The News That's Not Fit To Print

Subsunk here.  I came across this item at GreyHawk's.  It seems a Man whose son died in defense of our lives doesn't rate the same consideration as a Man whose son died for us under similar circumstances just because his politics aren't right.  Neither of these Men who have sacrificed so much deserve anything less than our sympathy and our support.  They both raised fine sons who did their duty and more for us.  They both have made fine points in their comments.

However, the news organizations that use these Men's stories to serve a political agenda deserve nothing less than our scorn and our contempt.  Read all three links and see if you don't agree.  Then write a letter to your editor the next time you see one side of the story.  Because the only thing keeping you from seeing both sides, is the blindness of a Big City editor.