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USA Today - Not Many Heroes

This is probably the biggest bunch of horse @#$% that I've read in a long time.  See article below.  Okay, Readers, in the Comments you should place links (be sure to include the full URL with http:// ) of stories about extreme valor and heroism from Iraq or Afghanistan:

Just one Medal of Honor given in OEF, OIF conflicts

By Tom Vanden Brook
USA Today
American troops have been fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than four years, but just one soldier from those wars has received the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military honor for bravery.

The lack of such medals — by comparison, two were awarded for fighting in Somalia — reflects today’s unconventional warfare and the superior weaponry of U.S. forces, military experts say. It’s not that today’s troops lack valor, but they lack opportunities to display it in the extraordinary way that would merit the Medal of Honor...

Just a little more research and they could have produced *sigh* a few more:

Jason Dunham

Brad Kasal

Alwyn Cashe

Rafael Peralta

To just name a few...