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Al-Reuters takes truth serum too

Press caught telling truth again

In a remarkably candid admission, a UPI correspondent admitted that they have been less than vigilant regarding what insurgent/terrorist propaganda they send out:

"[UPI CORRESPONDENT] PAM HESS: If there's a criticism to be made of the American media…[it] is that we are quite vigilant about U.S. propaganda. We are less so about insurgent propaganda. The 24-hour news cycle feeds into that, but we don't quite know what to do with the information that they send us, so it becomes he said-she said reporting."

Sent to Instapundit this morning by CNN, obviously recognizing and sending tribute to the blogfather.

This marks the second time recently I have seen a crack in the monolithic anti-American, anti-war facade of the MSM, previously the WaPo had reported positive things  about next week's election. I can think of few more positive developments than a modicum of fairness in the coverage of Iraq and US policy in general, given the history. I still question how much is altruism on the part of media or simply self-interest as those pesky facts on the ground peel away their Potemkin quagmire.

I don't care though, as long as some truth starts seeing the light of print and TV. The pushback offensive has borne fruit as the polling on Iraq and the administration have both turned around and are trending upwards. Now we are about to hit another major political milestone, as the Iraqis elect a parliament that will fairly represent all citizens, operating under a draft Constitution they wrote and approved. They are batting 1.000 as far as hitting these milestones and there is no reason to believe next week will be any different.

Once this, freest of all Middle Eastern, governments (Israel excluded) is seated, a serious negotiation and consultation will come to fruition as we plan our withdrawal with them. The massive project to build a functional, operational military and security force to a standard matched by no other in the region (Israel again excluded), has resulted in Iraqis securing much of the country on their own. A sovereign government that includes many more Sunni leaders is that much more capable of containing and minimizing the insurgency. The number of tips ratting out jihadis and Iraqi killers is increasing exponentially, and that situation is impossible for the bad guys.

Whether they feel guilty about their bias all along, or are simply reading some increasingly clearer writing on the wall, some truth is getting out. Let's maintain the pressure and good gravy we may even be able pull a victory from the bottomless, chasm of defeat the press had relegated us to.