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A Time For Thanksgiving - Follow Up

Is Wrestling Fake?

Howdy. Subsunk here again. Normally, I'm not a fan of the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. But tonight I made an exception. I happened to be flipping through the USA channel after work, and saw the introduction of Mr. McMahon and the National Anthem sung by some beautiful, if scantily clad sweet young thing (apparently a military brat) in Bagram, Afghanistan. Ms. Garcia (I think that was her name) did an outstanding job with that difficult, but heartwarming song, and the troops went wild.

But Vince let all his rhetoric hang out during his opening and the target of his ire was the media in the United States. He was all over how dedicated, noble and superb our Men and Women's contribution to freedom was, and, of course, they ate it up. He was truly laying it on thick and directly chastised the cowardly American press for what they are -- defeatists. And, of course, the troops loved it. There was a helluva lot of pride in their accomplishments, their dedication, and their professionalism being spread about, as there should be. And, of course, there were the scantily clad sweet young things to be seen, as well as the rather beefy gents out there for the fairer sex in our Armed Forces, (as if they weren't already surrounded by Real Men anyway). And, of course, the troops loved it.

So this brings up the $64 million dollar question: Is Wrestling Fake?

Tonight, the answer is: Not as long as they support our Men and Women like that. Bringing good cheer and hope to folks who "the press seems to have forgotten" (thank you, Mr. McMahon), who defend us, bring hope and freedom to millions in the world, even if they don't like us at first, is a task worthy of accomplishment, and destined to succeed. The Afghanis have found that America isn't the Great Satan after all. Their feelings on the subject were covered here:

'Nuff said. Thanks Vince and the WWE for bringing Christmas Cheer to Men and Women who desperately deserve it. And, of course, the troops loved it.