Intelligence gathering declared "Too Icky" by media/left
Enemy Signal Surveillance not Domestic Spying

God hates Fred Phelps, loves Marines though

I got this from Patrick/Gryph of Gryphmon, who comments here and attempts to keep me from going around the bend:

I wanted to bring to yours and Matt's attention a group that has formed in response to the Phelps clans picketing of soldiers funerals. I think the motorcycle group has been mentioned before, but they now have a website.  Remember that they only act as a shield between the family of the deceased and Phelps, they are not a counter-protest group. Their website is as follows:

Sounds beautiful to me, although I can't promise to be as reserved if these repugnant fanatics try their games in my A/O. What is the point of playing on the dark side if you can't use your powers for stuff like this?

Gryph also asks for a little love for a leatherneck friend recovering from surgery after being hurt in combat. I will sacrifice a New york Strip and some aged corn liquor this evening, prayers or other representations gratefully acknowledged. Semper Fi!