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Go Army! Beat Navy! - Roundup

...follow up on Thursday's post about the game.  Below are bloggers that are voicing support for their teams on their blogs or on this one in the comments:

Navy Blogging

Senior MilBlogger Neptunus Lex on the rivalry (and be sure to see Lex talk to a burrito)
Smash tells a few jokes
Bou is a proud Navy supporter
So is Fuzzilicious Thinking
Somewhere on the A1A (figures someone named Ocean Guy would be for the Navy)
The Gun Line
Jack Kelly
The Middle Ground
That 1 Guy at Drunken Wisdom
The Daily Blogster

Army Blogging
Major Dad 1984
Sons of the Republic
Makaha Surf Report

The Navy seems to be taking the lead in supporting their team.  Maybe the Army bloggers are still just worn out from beating the Navy to the finish line in the Valour-IT competition...