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Fake site attempts to steal AKO user-name and password

Received this message from a few of you about attempts to steal AKO user-name and password:

The enemy has created a fake Army Knowledge Online (AKO) web page to lure you into giving up your AKO user name and password and stealing your identity. DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE.
You may receive email, with a link, that directs you to go to this fake AKO site and log on. 

The only link for AKO is .
The following site is intended to look like the AKO portal. It was setup to gather usernames and passwords of AKO users (Bitmap deleted). We have received one report of an email sent to an AKO user that linked to this website. In the event that you receive such an e-mail, do not open it; delete it immediately. If you enter your password to this site, it will be captured and could be used by an intruder to access the AKO portal and any other Army website that relies on AKO credentials.
Our enemies will try any method to gain access to our networks.  Thank you for doing your part, and thank you for your patience as we continue to work on keeping the network secure and reliable.