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Blackfive Circa 2006

This year has been nothing but amazing.  Never thought that I'd be on TV or Radio talking about Military Bloggers.  Never thought that Blackfive would be where it is with over 4 million visits and two consecutive best MilBlog Awards.  Never thought that my Uncle Jimbo would be helping out (Hey!  What's that Green Bay Packers bumper sticker doing on the fridge?!).  Or Grim or Cassandra or Subsunk, too.  Never thought that I would be authoring and editing a book about MilBlogs and the war for Simon & Schuster (and it's going very well in case you were wondering).


With 2005 nearly over, I wanted to get some business out of the way and need your help.  Here's two questions:

1.  What you like to see more of or less of on Blackfive in 2006?

    As with my troops, if you complain about something here, I ask that you give me at least two solutions or alternatives to help me solve "the problem".  Since I've gotten many requests to "fix" the About page, I will definitely work on that so suggest what you'd like to know "about".

    The usual requests have been a better "About" page, a photo gallery of readers wearing the Blackfive t-shirt, put the "Paratrooper of Love" back in the title, more profile stories, more pictures, more live blogging from St. Patrick's Day, etc...

2.  What were your favorite Blackfive posts of 2005?

    I need to create a Best of 2005 Index so suggestions would help.


Speaking of saying "Thanks", here's my inadequate attempt at thanking you all for supporting us.  I'm sure I'll leave someone out so I'll apologize right now. 

Thanks to Panera for the free WiFi for me to blog and to write the MilBlog book.  Oh yeah, and thanks for the ten extra @#$%ing pounds I've gained from spending hours and hours eating your food and drinking your delicioso coffee...hhhmmm, think I'll get an orange scone...back in a minute.......okay I'm back.  Sorry.

Of course, I owe a lot to the other MilBloggers out there.  You are the ones doing the hard work and making the sacrifices to keep us all safe. 

Thanks to Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt, Buzz Patterson and Michelle Malkin for supporting us and the troops.  Without the big-time media bloggers' help, we wouldn't have gotten very far.

Thanks to my partners at EasonGate.  I wish it had never been necessary for us to band together, but I'm glad that we did.  Thanks for protecting the honor of our troops. 

Thanks to my partners at NoEndButVictory for the same reasons.

Thanks to the lovely Pamela at Atlas Shrugs for modeling the Blackfive T-Shirt.  Thanks to everyone who bought one!  You helped put kelvar armor blankets in the hands of the troops that needed them! 

Thanks to Tony and the team at MSNBC's Connected for helping bring attention to Valour IT.  Thanks to Team Army for helping our wounded troops stay connected.  And thank you to Team Navy and Team Air Force.  You all ROCK!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Soldiers' Angels.  You've helped thousands.  Thousands!  Your support means so much to our troops! 

Thanks to the regulars who read Blackfive every day!  You know who you are...Blackfive is nothing without you.  Words are so insufficient.  Thanks for letting me do what I do.

Thanks to all who've worn the uniform - past, present and future.  And thank you to all who love them.

Last, thank you to my wonderful and beautiful wife for supporting me.  Today is the 10th anniversary of our first date.  And the strike of Midnight will be 10 years since our first kiss - the moment when I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her...so you'll have to excuse me while I go give her another kiss.