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A Time For Thanksgiving - Follow Up

First, read or re-read this piece from US Air Force (Captain) Doctor Eadie.  The email from CPT Eadie will hopefully be published by the Marines (hint, hint - I know the Marine PAO reads MilBlogs).

The Marines also provided a follow up about a Marine that died the day that Javier Alvarez died was wounded:

This is another testament to the metal of the young Marines we have serving in our Corps.  Marines who continue to honor those that have gone before us with their bravery and love for their brother Marines.  Where do we find such men?

I personally attended the funeral of one of those fallen warriors of 16 November that the yet unpublished article below mentions.  His name was Corporal Joshua Jared Ware of Apache, Oklahoma.  Corporal Ware was a Kiowa and Comanche warrior who proudly served his Country and protected the freedoms we hold so dear.  He was the 19th Kiowa to die on the Field of Honor since WWII, and his story will be told by the Kiowa in song when they celebrate their proud history.  I can’t tell you what a powerful experience his memorial and funeral service was.  I also can’t say enough about the patriotism of the fine people of Apache.  I don’t want to take away from the powerful article below with a long story about Corporal Ware and his proud family, but I can’t help but remember him and his story when I read the article below.  I will, however, share the Famlies and the Kiowa Nation’s farewell to Joshua Ware, born 25 May 1985, died on the Field of Honor 16 November 2005:

Today we must lay a young Kiowa Warrior to rest, who proudly gave his life for his family, friends, his people, and all the people of this great Nation.  He stood there fearless, believing in himself and what he was protecting.  He proudly and honorably accepted the path of a warrior, as those who have walked before him.  He gave the greatest gift he could have given to his people, his life.  We are saddened by our loss, yet proud.  Our hearts weep, yet are filled with honor to have known such a great young warrior.  What an honor to be his mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandparent, cousin, nephew, niece, or his friend.  We can see his grandmothers, aunts, cousins lulling in the wind, as the tears fall from their cheeks.  We can hear his grandfathers, uncles, and cousins singing songs of warriors that have gone before him.  Oh Lord, let us pray now for those who he carried deeply in his heart, his family.  Let us surround them with the “Great love” and “Compassion” we Indian people have for each other.  Let us sing high up to the Lord for letting us have this young Warrior as long as we did.  Let us pray that the pain in our hearts will soon be filled with happy memories, and with the understanding in our hearts that we will see him again.  Let us leave this place knowing that he is with the Lord.  Amen.

Please publish on the all hands, and thank you again for your service.  May we never forget the service and sacrifice of the Men and Women of are Armed Forces.

Happy Holidays to your and your Family.

Semper Fidelis,

Scott D. Keller

Chief Warrant Officer 2,
U.S. Marine Corps