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2 out of 3 prefer President to do his job

So the horrifying invasions of privacy and disregard of decency perpetrated by W on decent citizens whose only crime was to be contacted by our sworn enemies are somehow not viewed that way by 64% of Americans. In actuality only 23% of us think it was even wrong, good gravy are we actually less screwed up then I thought?

I write because I get pissed at the woefully inaccurate view of the world put out by the media. The sheer volume of biased info ensures that most Americans have been marketed a leftist tale bearing a striking difference from reality. A group composed of 90+% who have never voted for a Republican is unlikely to shed it's spots when reporting. Consequently many Americans form opinions based only on information shaded negatively about the war in Iraq and the greater war against the jihadis. Somehow we unwashed masses managed to avoid the koolaid and actually believe it was the President's duty to listen in when Johnny Jihad gets a call from Zawahiri.

Bravo Americans, now we can watch the left wing flap the Dems right into permanent minority status as they holler IMPEACHMENT. They are deluded enough to think that since all their friends agree that W must go, preferably frog-marched off in chains, that they can win enough seats to retake the House and payback the Repubs for dissing Mr. Bill. Yeah the 23% of the country that is bats**t crazy too will overwhelm the rest of us and they can get W in the stocks on the White House lawn to be ridiculed by the populace. Somehow I doubt this, but dang it will be fun to watch them frap in tryin'.

                                                                       - Uncle J