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Valour-IT - Keep Army on Top!

UPDATE 7:  WE HIT $21000 at 10:03 PM CST!!!!  There was much rejoicing.  Take that you Squids, Zoomies and Jarheads!!!!!!!

Update 6:  10PM CST (2000) and we're $800 ahead of the Swabbies.  And ONLY $150 short of $21000.  Let's be the first to hit the objective.  Consolidate.  Then move on to objective number 2.

Update 5:  The Squidlies pull ahead!  Come on, Army Team!  You have $20? 10?  Then donate now!


The occasion of this photograph was a Veterans Day Commemoration at Dallas City Hall on 11 November 2004. The veteran pictured is Houston James, a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, and the Marine is Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke Jr., a member of an ordnance-disposal team who lost his left hand, one leg, and an eye while defusing a bomb in Iraq in July 2003.


Attention on the Net:  Guidons!  This is Blackfive.

We are three thousand dollars away from reaching our Army goal and beating the tar out of the squids, zoomies and jarheads

Because you never finish improving your fighting position, because the mission is never over, because you never stop training, let's keep on moving until Veterans Day when we can take a much earned rest...short as it will be.

I'm donating again, today.  Let's hit the mark today and keep moving to the next objective $25,000.  That should be easy for a bunch of Doggies. It's not even raining, yet.

Let's get these flyers up around your neighborhood, your work, and everywhere else.

And, bloggers, be sure to sign up for the Army team here.


Blackfive, out.


Update:  Overtaken by Events has info about a Day by Day cartoon from Chris Muir for auction to benefit Valour-It!

Update 2:  Soldiers in Kuwait are already gearing up for the Army-Navy game [Windows Media Player video by Spc. Christina Beerman].  Go Army!  Beat Navy!

Update 3:  Here is an auction site for Valour-IT broken down by branch of service.

Update 4:  I am auctioning one month of advertising on Blackfive in the Sponsor (not Premium) category  - $80 value.  First bid is $25.